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Maintenance & Roofing Repair

Have you thought about having your tile roof inspected? Notice anything out of place, missing, leaking or perhaps your gutters overflow when it rains? Regular tile roof maintenance will extend the service life of your roof and can help avoid costly repairs in the future. Potential tile roof problems can be avoided by keeping your valleys, flashings and gutter systems clear of debris. We recommend having this done at least once a year. We offer this service mainly in the spring and fall, but it is available all year.

Inspections are done by our skilled roof repair crews, which consists of two (2) men at a rate of $128.00 per man hour (one hour minimum = $256.00) plus cost for materials (if applicable). The inspection includes: visual inspection of tile roof areas, flashings, gutters and downspouts; removing debris from roof, gutters, downspouts, flat roofs, drains, valleys, behind chimneys and other critical areas on the roof that may cause snow or ice dams; and minor roof repair. You will receive a brief description of our inspection and any repairs completed. If any additional roof repair work is needed, a proposal for the work will be included with your invoice.

If interested in this service, please call us at (888) 773-7306 or fill out the form below.

Note: Payment is due within 10 days of the invoice date. Balance unpaid after the due date will be subject to a late payment charge of 1½% per month (computed daily). Credit card payments can be made online on our Make a Payment page.

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Mortenson Roofing is known for its skilled craftsmen and their attention to detail. All of the professional roofers and tinners with the company have completed at least a 4 year apprenticeship in their respective specialty.

Customer testimonials

"Joe and Alex were on time, knowledgeable about all tile roof problems. They did a great job of repairing and replacing damaged areas. Price was excellent for work required." - Verne M.

"Two roofers came. They both were very polite and very knowledgeable. One had 20+ years of experience with slate roof and clay tile roof. They worked steadily for 3 days, all day from 8 till 4, in blazing heat. They were on time every day. Every day they cleaned up and took all the garbage and debris." - Nick G.

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Our Roof Tile Work

We have completed many slate roofing and tile roofing roof installation and restorations of historic properties, such as Soldier Field and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Clay Tile Roof Restoration at Soldier Field by Mortenson Roofing
Roof Installation and Roof Repair at Museum of Science and Industry
Roof Installation and Roof Repair at Oak Park
Roof Installation and Roof Repair at Morgan County
Roof Installation and Roof Repair by Mortenson Roofing

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